The objective of the  Association

The aim of the Eco Sepsi Association is to provide and develop conditions for a balanced waste service for the concerned settlements in order to reach a European-level service, thereby maintaining the Integrated Waste Management System project in Covasna county.

The main objective of the Association is the rational organization of a system for collecting recyclable waste in order to capitalize in the settlements through a professional service.Moreover, to contribute to reducing the quantities of waste stored at a price not exceeding the limit of affordability of the population 

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Association from March 1, 2021 consists of:

                                      Csaba Tóth-Birtan, president - deputy mayor of Sfântu Gheorghe
  Zoltán Dimény, member - mayor of Brețcu village

                                      István Fodor, member - mayor of Bodoc village

                                      Lajos Imets, member - deputy mayor of Vărghiș village

                                      Ferenc Szabolcs Tánczos, member - mayor of Brateș village

Joining the Association

The conditions to join the Eco Sepsi Association for the administrative units of Covasna County: approval of the local representative in this matter, the acceptance of the Constitutive Act, the statue   and the rights and obligations included in the contract concluded with TEGA Rt.